30W - 70W Multi Range Soldering Gun
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Size (L x W x H) 21 cm x 10 cm x 30 cm
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  1. Dual wattage 200-240V Input: Hi(max.70W) Lo ( constant 30W)
  2. Used high efficiency ceramic heater.
  3. Wide range of applications from sheet metal to P.C.Board.
  4. By pressing the trigger continuously ( Hi position) enables to reach the maximum temperatures at 330°C about 10 times faster than Lo position.
  5. Ergonomically designed grip is safe and comfortable.
  6. The most suitable for maintenance use.



  1. Initial use, there may be some smoke temporary but it will soon be diminished, then no smoke after all.
  2. Don’t press trigger over 30sec. while not in use or soldering for small components.
  3. Due to drop of electrical insulation factor at Hi position, repuest to care for soldering work to P.C.B or sensitive electronic components against leakage current.
  4. Heater is having very high temperature, be sure to use soldering stand and caution to get burn of fire.
  5. Don’t make cool with water as it may cause damage of heater. Request for natural cooling after unplug.
  6. Don’t apply a file to tip for regular cleaning ae it may damage the long-life tip. And suggest for regular cleaning by detachment of tip to prevent burning.
  7. Tight firmly on tip fixing screw (nut).
  8. When new tip replacement is required, stainless pipe built-in the tip might stick to the heater, thus, be sure to remove the old stainless pipe.


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